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You are receiving this email because your continued interest in and your cooperation with the management and development of this website will be really invaluable in making this website one of the most dynamic and truly interactive modern communications media to be in existence on the World Wide Web at the moment.

These links will take you to a Blog posting on the central website. This posting will provide you with details as to how you can access the new BoldChat facility which is now being installed on this website.

The purpose of installing this new chat facility is to identify those of our website visitors who are genuinely interested in what the website offers and who are prepared to take an active and intelligent interest in what is being published there.

We are now minded to identify and to remove from our readership those who wish only to receive email without having to react to it in any other way. This is the principal purpose of this stage of the development of this website.

Please contact the webmaster as indicated in the BLOG posting by clicking on the LiveChat link on the Home Page.

This Online Chat facility will be available daily from 14:00 BST. to 18:00 BST.

Any problems with BoldChat / ? Email the Webmaster


This Website Management List would be better managed than it is being managed at present if it were to be subscribed to and joined by people in the ‘intelligence history’ business who had been invited specifically to join it in the first place and who had a good reason for doing so. It would also be helpful if the complete list were to be circulated to all list members every time someone new joined the list. New and existing list members could be encouraged to join and more fully to take an active and intelligent interest in the List by receiving a BoldChat – Webex invitation to do so from the website management team.

New members joining the List would be announced to the rest of the List members by email in much the same way that the Crisis Mappers Net list is kept fully updated and well-informed at the present moment.

Each person’s email address and website address would be listed under a Random Number on this website so that everyone who is listed in the email distribution list on the website can communicate with everyone else who is also listed there on an individual, one-on-one basis if they wish to do so. This is intended to encourage List Members to exchange emails with each other as well as with the List as a whole.

This list management methodology could be deployed in respect of the Intelligence History Email Distribution List (EDL.), the Organic Food EDL. and the Renewable Resources / Solar PV. EDL.

Your comments, questions and any helpful suggestions will be warmly welcomed by the Website Management Team. Please email them to the webmaster at this email link OR if you would prefer to chat directly with the Webmaster and his online team, please access the BoldChat Live Chat facility which is to be found on the right-hand side of the Home Page just below the Facebook and the Twitter icons on that web page. Please click on the Live Chat facility and you will very quickly (within sixty seconds) be in direct chat contact with the Management Team.

Should you wish the Webex web conferencing media to be made available to you on this website, this will be your opportunity to request that this should be made available to you on this or on any future occasion on which you may wish to visit this website.

This Online Chat facility will be available daily from 14:00 BST. to 18:00 BST.


‘Cry Havoc’ by Simon Mann – Podcast
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20/04/2012 18:07:10


DJAS. ( is online.
Timothy: Hi David
My first email has now been sent to Group 01 and copied to you at your

DJAS: Ok – great
I am in a meeting for the next 30 mins, but will check after that.

Timothy: Details of Group 01 are in a separate email to you which has also just been sent
OK no problem – lets chat later if possible
bye for now

DJAS: Ok – bye now

Timothy: 🙂

Sent at 1:17 PM on Friday
DJAS: Hi Tim

Timothy: Hi David

DJAS: I don’t see you logged into BoldChat

Timothy: not at the moment
wait please

DJAS: Does your email not say it will be available from 14:00BST?

Timothy: yes you are absolutely right
I must have an alarm at 14:00 to remind me

Sent at 2:17 PM on Friday
DJAS: Ok – that all went well.
I hope you get some real responses this afternoon.

Timothy: yes I hope so too – I will copy what I send out to you and we can chat about it later.
It is a process of elimination as I have explained in my notes

Sent at 2:27 PM on Friday
Timothy: those who do not respond or cooperate will be removed and replaced by those who will

DJAS: Ok – great
I have to step away from my computer for a few minutes. Back later.

Timothy: ok – then we can chat about Chat History in Bold
speak soon

Sent at 2:30 PM on Friday
Timothy: someone who wants to chat but who cannot get me / the person in charge at the time can always send an email to say so – we would reply by email and a Bold session could be done by appointment.
for example – if he / she wanted to chat outside the times specified in my email

Sent at 2:34 PM on Friday
Timothy: here is an idea to consider …..
we could make a rule that if you want to chat using BoldChat you MUST make an appointment by email to do so
we could have a Read Receipt which would say Please Make An Appointment if you wish to chat

Sent at 2:44 PM on Friday
Timothy: or an automated MP3 reply / YouTube link which has me or whoever we can get to do it saying the same thing – Please Make An Appoinment if you wish to chat direct
we could add Webex into this online party
Please tell me what you think of that when you are back online

Sent at 2:49 PM on Friday
Timothy: We could put the above into the next website newsletter

Sent at 2:51 PM on Friday
Timothy: I do not see why I should not reply to an email from someone with an invitation to chat on BoldChat

Sent at 3:05 PM on Friday
DJAS: Hi Tim

Timothy: 🙂

DJAS: I think you have to consider that business emails and LiveChat have a different purpose.
Email is more formal and designed to provide a lasting record.
Instant Messaging (which BoldChat is), is designed to be informal and immediate.
But not recorded (even though we have the facilities to do it).
I think we have to see how it goes for the next few days.

Timothy: yes I understand that – I do not see why they should be mutually exclusive
one should replace the other at times

DJAS: They’re not, but you need to understand that not everyone is familiar with Instant Messaging, whilst we have been using it on a daily basis for many years.

Timothy: mmmmm very true
we will have to do what we can to change that

DJAS: However, I don’t see why you shouldn’t mention the LiveChat facility on your email signature.

Timothy: please remember that I am a child of the Sixties David – it was a time of great change
I certainly intend to do so
and most of the change in the Sixties was for the better
Look at how much use and value you and I have obtained from IM
what would we have achieved without IM ?
and been stuck with sending emails and making telephone calls to each other

Sent at 3:44 PM on Friday
Timothy: I believe that secure IM is the way to go in the future
and that what we have done in the past year or so on y website will be very useful to us

DJAS: Indeed

Sent at 3:47 PM on Friday
Timothy: lack of communication and excessive secrecy were the causes of 9/11 not Islamis terrorism or anything else
that might make a good title for a research paper on the subject


Timothy: followed by TEN YEARS to catch up with the most wanted criminal in the World – give me a break

Sent at 3:53 PM on Friday
Timothy: I think that IM will allow us to develop IT applications which will allow all of us to keep track of the human genius in all of us – email and the telephone have their uses but are too slow
for what I have in mind over the next 20 to 30 years

Sent at 3:56 PM on Friday
Timothy: the hallmark of our times David is ‘speed’ and ‘speed of reaction’ above all.

DJAS: Quite

Timothy: and only IM comes close to that aspiration from what I have learned over the past 20 years or so

Sent at 4:00 PM on Friday
Timothy: I want to sell the ideas that we are hatching on to the Crisis Mappers Net people – it is a good forum which is already in existence
an example of what I mean would be Twitter – a brilliant concept and it works !

Sent at 4:04 PM on Friday
Timothy: The co-founders of Crisis Mappers Net are on my Beta Test List for BoldChat and will receive a copy of our email this coming week
should be interesting


Sent at 4:13 PM on Friday
Timothy: Organic Food and Solar PV. Energy will also offer opportunities to be made more interactive and dynamic by means of the use of IM / BoldChat

Sent at 4:16 PM on Friday
Timothy: However I do agree with you that we need to keep BoldChat focused on the people who we really need to chat with rather than the idle spectators out there
we must consistently separate one from the other

Sent at 4:23 PM on Friday
Timothy: I now have much more confidence in the usefulness of now that we are using the BoldChat Beta Test List to kickstart it – I hope that you will agree

DJAS: Absolutely

Timothy: 🙂
and that Webex will make it even more effective

Sent at 4:30 PM on Friday
DJAS: Ok Tim – I am about done for the day (and weeK)
I hope that you get some responses to your email. Will you be sending more invites over the weekend?

Timothy: Fine David – have a good weekend – take care – my best to your family – lets speak Monday
yes I think so

DJAS: Ok – great

Timothy: what I do send I will copy to you

DJAS: Have a good weekend and speak on Monday.

Timothy: yes – take good care David – thanks for everything you have done for

DJAS: No problem – bye now

Timothy: bye now

Sent at 5:08 PM on Friday

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