Website Chat Blog (23-04-2012) Website Chat Blog (23-04-2012)

DJAS. ( is online.
Timothy: Hi David

DJAS: Hi Tim

Timothy: I think that it would be helpful to encouraging online activity on the Blog if we could publish out GT and / or Bold chat transcripts there. Would this be OK with you ?

DJAS: Fine by me, although my recommendation would be to edit our chats just to the bits that are of any interest.
People will probably not engage with the mundane.
Have you had any response on BoldChat yet?

Timothy: yes I agree – I intended to do that – thanks David – I thought that I should ask your approval before I went ahead and did it – it should add a sense of community to the Blog which may encourage others to contribute
Not a word from Group 1 yet

DJAS: My suggestion would be to email group 2 today.

Timothy: I will diarise them and others who are slow to reply for a follow-up in a day or two
yes – I will do that with Group 2 today
my weekend correspondence was with the IH-EDL re Turing – the link yo sent me – I had a few replies
I might reply to those who replied to my Turing link with an invitation to BoldChat

DJAS: Good idea

Timothy: yes – thanks for the link
we should try to generate more interest based on the Turing Centenary this year
it would be the least one could do for this great man in our history

Sent at 10:11 AM on Monday
Timothy: must go offline now – lets chat later if you can – bye for now

DJAS: Ok – bye now

Timothy: :~()

Sent at 10:16 AM on Monday

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