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Parental alcoholism and its effect on young children

I want this new Blog section to form the starting point of a new social network which will hopefully be of interest to young children and young adults who have had to suffer throughout their childhood and their formative years from the ill effects of the addiction to alcohol and drugs which has been inflicted upon them by their parents and other adult mentors. This should form the basis of my approach to NACOA in Bristol which I hope will achieve a nationwide cooperative effort which will help to deal with this problem.

I am especially interested in promoting interest and research in this matter on the Island of Madeira. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse in other parts of Southern Europe such as the Costa Del Sol as well as the beach resorts around the Black Sea where it is well-known that young tourists over-indulge in the consumption of alcoholic beverages would also be of interest to anyone who is prepared to take an intelligent and constructive interest in our new social network.