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FAO. those who wish to communicate online with and / or Timothy Robarts. The website management team would be grateful to all those who wish to enter into online correspondence if they would please read the following observations and if they would please respect those comments which relate to the communications methodology which is being suggested in this memo.

01. Communications via telephone are not availablle. On the occasions when the telephone is used to receive or to make telephone calls either to or from, please be advised and keep in mind that all telephone conversations to and from are tape-recorded and that these recordings are archived, indexed and filed on the site.

02. Email correspondence is available and will be acknowledged and replied to on the same day or within twenty-four hours of it being received. The purpose of this memo is to encourage all online correspondents with to use the BoldChat online chat facility which is now available from the Home Page of The icon is on the right-hand side of the page immediately below the Facebook and Twitter icons.

Therefore the preferred method of contacting online is for our online correspondents to use the BoldChat facility on the Home Page.

This method of communication will ensure that all enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently via the BoldChat Instant Messaging system. Security can be maintained by using the appropriate encryption software. Speed and accuracy of response will be guaranteed without having to rely upon the use of ‘Read Receipts’.

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