‘Skylark’ recordings.

This email is intended to provide a guide to a new development to what the website has to offer. The MP3 audio files which can be found within the ‘Skylark’ section of the ‘Intelligence History’ Forum on this website are recordings of a series of telephone conversations between the Website Manager in London and a book author in New York City. These conversations have been recorded and posted to the website in the course of the past six weeks since the end of the first week of May 2011. They were made with the knowledge and the full cooperation of the book author himself. The book author approached the Website Manager of by email with a request to provide him with a Forum for him to publish an audio update to his memoirs of his World War Two experiences which had been published as a hard copy book in the mid nineteen-nineties. Please read the website Blog section for more detailed information on how this is being achieved and how it will be developed in future.

These audio recordings are intended to provide anyone who is interested in listening to a book author being interviewed about and being able freely to discuss his own background as a writer and historian as well as his own interest in writing the book which is being reviewed. It is to be hoped that this One-on-One Audio Download (Skylark) facility will be able to be developed so that the website will be able to provide more interviews with more book authors and more detailed information about their books. Blog – Please read introductory Notes. Forum – Please Register as indicated.
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