309 – Beta Test List – February 2011.

ATTENTION – Beta Test List – February 2011 (20 members).
Full Name: 309 – Beta Test List – February 2011.

The purpose of this email is to introduce a well-chosen group of people to the concept of the one-on-one audio download. This is the result of a recently recorded telephone conversation or series of recorded telephone conversations between the author of the book which is under discussion and the Website Moderator of the Robarts.com website where these recordings will be found in an appropriately labeled section.

The presence of the Website Moderator is intended to represent the member or members of the reading public who may wish to pose questions to the author about the background to the writing of the book itself, about aspects of the book which the author has chosen not to include and about further plans which the author may have in mind to publish in future. It is to be hoped that these recordings will provide an author’s loyal reading public with an insight into that deep pool of inspiration which brought the book into existence in the first place.

These recordings have been made with the cooperation, the approval and the full permission of the book author who is being interviewed. The recordings remain unedited in order to preserve the essential spontaneity of the author’s view of his own published work. The most recent recording will be found in the attachment to this email. This and all other previous recordings are to be found in the appropriate section of the Robarts.com website. They can be accessed by registration into the Discussion Forum and clicking on the section in ‘Intelligence History’ which is labeled ‘Skylark’. All questions or helpful suggestions should be addressed as follows – websitemoderator@robarts.com . All such emails will be acknowledged and will be acted upon immediately.

It may well be possible to develop this website into a web conferencing facility which will allow single individuals or groups of people within the reading public to communicate with the book author and with each other online by voice as well as by text. These web conference recordings will be archived and stored for the benefit of an interested student of the book which is under discussion.

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