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The website is about to develop an audiofile / podcasting facility. This website must become much more interactive and it must offer more in the way of communications facilities for those who wish to take an interest in the subject or subjects which are under consideration. It will be possible to make or to receive a telephone call which may be a one-on-one conversation or it may well include several people in a telephone conference type telephone conversation who are all discussing the same subject. The telephone conversation will be stored and archived online. It will be available for anyone who wishes to listen to the conversation to do so by accessing the audiofile online. It will function as a live audio blog library archive. Recent updates could be made accessible via Twitter as well as being highlighted by email broadcasting to the email distribution list which is stored in the computer files and which has so far managed to encourage a fairly low level of interest in what the various sections of the website has to offer as an information resource.

This approach is being developed as a result of an approach which was received recently from a WW2 veteran who had received an email from the Website Moderator of the website which had been intended to draw his attention to an online Intelligence conference which is due to be held in the USA. later this year. Although he was not really interested in the Intelligence conference itself, he did suggest that we could both get together online and by telephone to help him to publish his memoirs and detailed recollections of his experiences of the wartime years of the first half of the nineteen-forties during the invasion of Occupied Europe following the Normandy Landings in June 1944.

The format of this exercise in international data collection would be for the Website Moderator to telephone the WW2 veteran in the USA. from his office in London in the United Kingdom. This would provide the veteran with an opportunity to dictate his memoirs over the telephone by conducting a telephone interview with the Website Moderator which would be recorded in MP3 format and then made available to anyone who wished to listen to it by accessing the appropriate section of the website. This approach could also be adapted to encourage people all over the World to share genealogical background information which might well otherwise have remained hidden. This approach has achieved some degree of success within the past twelve months when a series of telephone conversations between Mel Gibson and the lady who is the mother of their child were published for anyone with access to the World Wide Web to listen to if they wished to do so.

The ‘Intelligence History’ section of the website is intended to provide ‘intelligence’ historians and writers with a forum for the exchange of information and ideas within their own community to enable them to produce well-informed and thoroughly researched works which are of historical interest to members of the general public and other academics. This should relieve such ‘intelligence’ writers of the necessity of writing books on the subject which are either overly sensational and not entirely convincing or which portrays the subject in a way which often seems very depressing, being concerned only with the treacherous, even murderous personalities of the people involved in the business.

An online video of a meeting between the author of the book and a suitably qualified reviewer of the book is now not uncommon. It serves as a useful background for anyone who is going to buy and hopefully to read the book itself.

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