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You are reading this Blog posting because you have received an email invitation from the Website Moderator of the website to view the Blog facility, the Discussion Forum facility and the Web Conferencing facility which are now installed on this website. These are intended greatly to facilitate interactive online communication between all those who share an interest in the information management resource which this website has to offer.

The Blog is intended to provide anyone who is viewing it with an accurate and up-to-date account of what has been happening on this website since the most recent posting was made in the Discussion Forum sections which can also be found on this website. Web Conferencing and an Interactive Telephone Conferencing facility is also available on this website. Details of how to join a web / telephone conference on this website and the times of day when these facilities will be fully responsive and fully manned online by a human moderator will also be available on this Blog posting. The Blog posting will be made between GMT. 12:00 midnight and GMT. 12:00 midday on the following day. Email invitations to view and to make postings in the Blog either directly online or indirectly by email will be transmitted to all of those who are especially welcome to take such an interest as early in the morning of the same day and in good time for them to view the Blog as possible. The Blog is intended to act as a daily newsletter which is intended to keep all those who are interested in what is happening on as well-informed as possible in all circumstances and on a daily basis.

The Discussion Forum is divided into sections which may well be of special interest to anyone who is involved and interested in those sections whose titles give an indication of their subject matters respectively. Anyone who has online access to this section is most welcome to view any of the postings which are to be found within each section of the Discussion Forum. Anyone who wishes to make postings to a Discussion Group Forum must first register online and is then most welcome to make appropriate postings as he or she sees fit. The presence of a Moderator within the Discussion Forum as well as the registration process are both intended to maintain the quality of the postings and to ensure that the Discussion Group does not become choked with SPAM and other offensive material. The Moderator will also be able to be contacted by email and by Google Talk Instant Messaging. These facilities will also be available from the Home Page as required.

The Web Conferencing facility lies at the heart of the telecommunications network. It is really the true raison d’etre of the website. Its purpose is to allow the website moderator to encourage a more responsive and more fully interactive communications medium than is possible with the traditional websites which tend to be loaded with often out-of-date information and equipped only with an email address and sometimes a telephone number for the viewer to use at his or her own expense. is centered on an interest in the renewable energy resource management industry worldwide in general and the development and research into solar photovoltaic resources in particular. A daily email broadcast of an invitation to a manageable number of companies which are actively involved in this industry will be made before midday of any working day of the year when a web conference will be scheduled on this website. This is intended to encourage companies which are interested in the solar photovoltaic industry to discuss their mutual interests in solar PV energy as a renewable energy resource as well as to contribute their own management data to a hard-copy directory which is being prepared for publication by a leading directory publisher in the United Kingdom at the present moment and thus to be kept updated.

The moderator of the website would be grateful to anyone who is viewing this Blog and the Discussion Forum with which it is associated if he or she would communicate with him at the Website Moderator’s Email Address  to indicate which modern language he or she would prefer to see represented on this website so that his / her convenience may be accommodated by providing viewers with access to the Blog and the Discussion Forum in modern languages other than in the English language and which are most congenial to them.

Every possible effort will be made to reproduce this website in as many modern national languages as is required, both in text and verbally in an audio podcast. Please advise the moderator of your own national language preference by email at  the Website Moderator’s Email Address as soon as possible.

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Mobile 07799 775262; Tel. / Fax. 020 7460 7881 (London, UK.)


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