The purpose of the Seven Day Doctor iPhone app. will be to strengthen the information link which should exist between an ambulance patient, an ambulance paramedic and the hospital to which the ambulance patient is being taken by ambulance in the event of an accident or some other medical emergency. The app. can also be used to keep fully-informed and updated the patient’s own personal and professional social network.

On the occasion of an accident or of a medical emergency, a patient will be able to communicate with the emergency ambulance services and to be able to summon an ambulance as required in the same way as a person who is in need of a taxi can summon a taxi using the Uber app. A taxi which has attended a person who has summoned a taxi will transport the passenger from the pick-up point to the destination and will receive payment for doing so on arrival at the destination.

An ambulance which has been dispatched to the scene of an accident or to a medical emergency will be able to be kept fully-informed of the identity of the patient who is being attended and with as much accurate and up-to-date information about his/her medical history and healthcare status as would be required for the patient to be provided with all appropriate medical care while he/she is being taken to the hospital and on arrival at the hospital. This medical and healthcare information would be stored on an iPhone and would be available to the patient or to the paramedic who is attending the patient at the scene of the medical emergency or at the hospital to which the patient has been taken. The medical and healthcare information stored on the iPhone would also be able to be sent by text or by email or by both text and email to the iPhone from the Seven Day Doctor switchboard database where this information is being held as a 24/7 call-centre back-up service.

It will be possible to support the patient by keeping accurate and fully updated medical and healthcare information readily available on file for immediate email / text transmission by request from the patient or from the paramedic who is in attendance. An emergency doctor / paramedic who has been transported by a helicopter or land air ambulance will be able to be kept fully informed as to the medical history and the current healthcare status of a patient while he/she is being taken to the scene of an accident or medical emergency should the circumstances require his/her immediate attendance at the scene of the medical emergency before the patient can be moved on to the care of a hospital. The importance of the immediate attendance of an emergency doctor / paramedic ‘at the scene’ is not always fully appreciated by those who take an interest in the air ambulance service. The time difference between a patient receiving such professional treatment immediately and receiving it at the hospital could well be a matter of life and death to the patient or at least of a deterioration in his/her chance of a making a full recovery from the medical incident.

It will also be possible to provide to a social network group of friends, family and other ‘loved ones’ details of what has happened to the patient in as much detail as necessary for members of this group to be kept as fully informed as possible. Personally, I have appended to my own Seven Day Doctor ‘medifile’ a schedule of some thirty-five people with their contact telephone numbers and their contact email addresses. This schedule is now available on my iPhone and it can be transmitted to a third party who will be able to use it to keep all those listed as fully informed as possible as to the state of health and well-being of the patient. This schedule can also be kept on the call-centre files in order to support the patient by text in the event of a medical crisis by communicating accurate and full updated information about the patient to his / her social network.

Blog updates can also follow on a daily or any other basis.

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