Feedback correspondence.

“you were seeking funding for an email distribution business that does not yet seem to be in existence much less successful.” Email received on Tuesday, 14th. February 2012.

This comment was received recently from an international observer of this website – – who has had ample opportunity to view the website itself and to decide what it has to offer to a person or a business who wishes to develop an international virtual community for whatever purpose they may consider to be appropriate.

An international virtual community which is paid for or at least contributed to by a person or a business who has an interest in what the community is itself interested in will be the owner or part of the ownership of the Virtual Private Network. If the webmaster is in a position to pay for the installation and ongoing expenses of the VPN., it will belong to the webmaster and to the webmaster alone.

This is a matter of great importance to any business enterprise which wishes to develop an international presence on the World Wide Web and to make the contents of its website available to an international market elsewhere in the World than the domestic market which it has become used to dealing with.

Wherher or not the international telecommunications facilities which are available from the website are in fact in existence and whether of not they are successful is a matter which must be addressed with the utmost vigour. This BLOG will continue to publish whatever information becomes available which is considered to be helpful to this debate.

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