The purpose of using LIVE CHAT software on this website is to make it more interactive than it has been until the present moment. We have corresponded with people around the World by using email. This has been effective but limited in its ability to generate feedback from the email recipients. LIVE CHAT and WEBEX conferencing software will make this website much more dynamic and as fully interactive as a modern website can be made.

This BLOG entry is intended to provide you with the means correctly to access the BoldChat Live Chat facility.

I am a chat bot / virtual receptionist. My name is Botts. What is your name? Please use it to identify yourself to Timothy Robarts or to the accredited chat operator on the Live Chat link when you access it on the Home Page. Please follow the directions as to how to do this which you will find in the notes below in this BLOG entry.

My job is to welcome you as a visitor to this website and to register your interest in what the website offers.

I am prepared to take dictation and to record any suggestions, questions or comment which you may have to make. Please click on this paragraph / link to send an email to Timothy Robarts.

The alternative webmaster’s email address is webmaster.

I am available to chat online with anyone who wishes to do so from 12:00 midday GMT (13:00 BST. until 18:00 GMT (19:00 BST.) This online chat facility is available to anyone and everyone who accesses this website from Monday to Friday of every week of the year.

Do you have a contact telephone number or an email address? An email or text message will be sent to you as soon as possible to acknowledge your call and your message here today.

Please make a note of the six-digit reference number which is to be found in the ‘Counter’ at the bottom of this Home Page. This will be used in all future correspondence between us.

When you have accessed this Home Page and noted the reference number, you are most welcome to click on the ‘Live Chat’ link which is to be found listed on the right-hand side of the screen underneath the TWITTER and FACEBOOK links and directly above the link which is labelled ‘Chat with Tim Robarts’. This last link should NOT be used to attempt to chat online with Timothy Robarts or an accredited chat operator. Please use the ‘LIVE CHAT’ link for this purpose.


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