Letter re ‘Skylark’ Podcast recordings.

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SKYLARK. This section will provide you with all the information which you will need to know how this website is intended to serve the interests of those who write books about the Intelligence Community. It should indicate that the recorded telephone conversations which can be made between the Website Manager and the book author or reviewer can be posted to an appropriate section of the website for the information of anyone who has access to the Discussion Forum. It will be necessary for you to register yourself into the Discussion Forum in order for you to be able fully to use it as it is designed to be used. Our telephone conversation(s) can be posted as an audio update to an appropriately named section of the website and the link to this section can be circulated to those who are listed on the Email Distribution List in my computer files for their immediate attention. Any contribution which members of this audience may wish to make may be made by posting an individual Reply or by applying for an audio or online chat web conference which can be made available on this website by emailing a request to the Website Manager.

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This Twitter page will provide you with links to those sections of the Robarts.com Communications Network which are focused, amongst other matters on published books about the Intelligence Community worldwide. There is a link on this Twitter page which will take you to a section which is specifically about your own book about the Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service. The Twitter page is very similar to the Blog on the Robarts.com website.

Ø http://www.robarts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=136
This link will take you directly to that part of the Robarts.com website which is focused specifically on your own book about the Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service. This is the link which will be circulated to all those people who are in the Email Distribution List in my computer files. This is intended to ensure that the attention of professional writers and Intelligence authors is drawn to your book and that the MP3 audio updates of our telephone conversations will available. This will provide a well-informed background to the published work which may well develop into a new facet of the book publishing industry.

Ø http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HxDBr-qrnU
David Pryce-Jones – ‘Treason of the Heart’ – an example of what can be done with an online book presentation.

This link will take you to a YouTube.com presentation of an interview between published author David Pryce-Jones, television presenter Andrew Marr and several other individuals who are interested in David Pryce-Jones’s recently published book about treason and the political philosophies of those people in history who have committed this offence. This YouTube presentation is an excellent illustration of what I intend to achieve with the Robarts.com Communications Network.

I would like to suggest that I could obtain a copy of this book and study it in as much details as is necessary fully to understand your thesis. When I have done this, I would be grateful to you if you would allow me to telephone you at a time and place of your own choice and convenience. We could then discuss all that has contributed to the writing of the book as well as any future intentions you may have in respect of writing additional books especially about the foreign intelligence service. Having discussed with you the professionalism and the qualifications of some well-known authors who have written ‘spy’ books, fiction and non-fiction, I feel sure that we will be able to publish a website about the writing of your book which will avoid the two extremes often found in this genre of writing. I refer to the extremely negative presentation which was favored by John Le Carre as well as the absurdly melodramatic which has been a characteristic by the books and the movies about James Bond. Our recorded telephone interview would then be posted to an appropriate section of the website and the link could be circulated to the one hundred-odd people in the Email Distribution List in my computer files and then elsewhere in the bookselling / literary community.

I hope that we will be in contact in the near future. I will email you and / or telephone you from time-to-time, if I may to update you with any developments which affect this web publishing project. It may be possible to develop it so that an author can collect and publish information about a subject very quickly, possibly in close to real time. This may be helpful to an author like yourself who is faced with the an overwhelming accumulation of information on a subject and who has difficulty in keeping abreast of developments in his chosen field of research. This must certainly be a problem for anyone who writes about or who works in the field of collecting and evaluating foreign intelligence.

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