Greetings from Harrow

Dear Tim

Greetings to both you and Michelle from the Hill.

I’ve left you a message but I wanted to repeat my grateful thanks to you for the kind gift of The Greatest Invention.  I have presented the copy you gave me to the Vaughan Library, and you have been credited as the donor in the Library’s system. 

The Librarian Moira was delighted to receive this book and expressed surprise that she hadn’t seen it before.  So well done!

I’m writing further to seek your help once again, not for the Vaughan Library this time, but some more IT help for our Art department.  Here are the details:

The department wishes to purchase a laser cutter for their Leaf Workshop.  The system is a LaserCAM Star A2+ 60W Package which Includes machine, extractor, inset pack, commissioning & training. 

Further details are here –

The cost is £18,995.

The Director of Art, Laurence Hedges, says that this piece of kit “would bring immeasurable benefits to the department as it has the capacity to allow for boys to etch, sculpt and make work in a whole variety of media, including metal, plastic and wood.  It would complement the traditional disciplines of painting and drawings and add value to the experience of boys, as well as strengthening our brilliance as an Art department.”

I am often told that the Harrow Art department exceeds the quality of most university art schools in this country, and you will know the distinction of many Old Harrovian artists.   I remember you helped the department some years ago by enabling them to buy some Appel design hardware and software.

It would be a great help if you, and your Trustees, could agree to support this venture.

Best wishes and thanks for considering.


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