‘Gentlemen or Ladies: Who is Timothy Robarts and why is he asking me to chat with him?’

FAO. Robarts.com Email Distribution List Membership.

This is the question which will soon be in the minds and on the lips of every member of this virtual community who receives these emails from Robarts.com and who takes the trouble to read and thoroughly to understand them.

This was the question which was addressed to me online and apparently to the rest of the Robarts.com Email Distribution List by one of our correspondensts within the past few days.

May I point out that an email which is received from an email distribution list and which has been sent via ‘BCC’ will not provide the recipient with the opportunity to correspond with all of the other members of the email distibution list by clicking on the ‘Reply To All’ key on the keyboard? Emails which are sent from the Robarts.com website to the Robarts.com Email Distribution List are sent by means of the ‘BCC’ key being used as a standard practive in every case of an email being sent to the List. Such an email may be replied to by the recipient but the reply email will not be copied to every other member of the virtual community. It will simply be sent to the original sender who in this case will be the Robarts.com communications suite from whence it came.

Please watch this space. It will be updated at regular and frequent intervals. These updates will be presented and made available to the Robarts.com virtual community in the form of a Newsletter on at least a monthly and sometimes on a weekly basis.

Timothy Robarts
BoldChat http://www.robarts.com
Mobile (UK) 07799 775 262
Email mailto:tim@robarts.com

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