Coronavirus Antibody blood test and swab test update

1.  SWAB (PCR) test – this is suitable for any patient who has possible or definite viral symptoms and who would like to know if they CURRENTLY have the Coronavirus. 

2.  ANTIBODY BLOOD TEST (Abbott) – this is suitable for anyone who thinks they have had the Coronavirus and who would like to have confirmation that they have developed antibodies. As it is an IgG antibody test, it is IMPORTANT to note that the test should only be done at least fourteen days, and preferably longer, after the illness.  As yet there is no definite information as to whether the presence of IgG antibodies confers any immunity and if so, how long it lasts. We also don’t know whether the presence of antibodies means that you can still be a carrier or not. I suspect with time we will know much more about this and can advise accordingly. As with the swab test above this test can be done at home, as a finger-prick blood sample, which is obviously more suitable for anyone who is self-isolating. Please note this test specifically requires proper laboratory testing and does not give an instant self-read result.

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