Re Podcasting & Teleconferencing Facility.

Thank you for calling me back after I called you earlier today. I hope that we can get together to put in place a functional podcast facility which can be combined with a teleconferencing option to encourage a wide literary audience to take an interest in books which are featured on our website at As you rightly point out, the success of this approach to podcasting will depend on our own ability to attract and to maintain the interest of our audience in the subject matter of the website. We hope and expect any number of book authors and book publishers to take an active interest in what this aspect of the website has to offer the literary public.

The idea is to combine your established expertise in producing professional-quality podcasts with our own ability to assemble an audience for the online material by means of sending out to our email and / or text distribution network members invitations to join a web / telephone conference which is being held online at a given address at a given time. Those who may be unable to attend this online presentation while it is in progress, will be able to review it by receiving an audio-visual file of the proceedings by email and may be able to join an online text chat facility which would be set up to accommodate their own contributions.

How often has a viewer of a television programme or even a YouTube transmission watched something which is of great interest to him and then said, “What a pity I was not able to communicate my own views, opinions, thoughts, suggestions and questions to the other people who were involved in the making and the broadcasting of that programme?”. That viewer might also well say that he or she wished that they had been able to retain a copy of the TV. or YouTube presentation on their own computer files for research purposes and for future reference. This combination of podcasting and online telephone conferencing is intended to address this matter in the way in which we have suggested. We hope that the website will be able to provide a well-informed, actively-interested and well-motivated audience which will be able to communicate with each other as well as with a book author whose cooperation the Website Manager will also do all possible to secure.

The following two links should provide you with an online audiovisual presentation of a telephone recording which has been converted into a podcast.

There do seem to us to be some possible applications for this approach in the directory publishing industry and the trade fair industry as well as other more specialised areas such as international crisis management and renewable energy.

I shall be most grateful to you if you would send me the microphone which you mentioned when we spoke today. I shall also be interested in the recording software which you also mentioned when we spoke. My address in London is as follows :-

Timothy Robarts
57 Yeoman’s Row
London SW3 2AL

I am much looking forward to meeting you in person in early-September 2011 as we have agreed and to continuing our discussion of how to develop the mutual interests of our businesses.

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