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Current Project – Solar Photovoltaic energy

I am currently interested in collecting and researching as much information as possible about the creation, storage and distribution of electrical power which has been created by means of photovoltaic energy. I would be grateful for the contact details of any hard-copy or online directories in the solar photovoltaic industry whose existence you are aware of or which you may have listed in your files. Please email me at the following email address – tim@robarts.com

It is my intention to use this information to publish and to keep up-to-date a contact directory for the photovoltaic industry worldwide by means of a section of my website which will be set up and maintained for that purpose. This will be maintained by means of a web conferencing facility which I now have available to me. Once this has been achieved with solar PV. energy, it should be possible to do the same exercise with data for other forms of renewable energy. This should be helpful to anyone who wishes to maintain a hard-copy and / or an online contact directory within each sector of the renewable energy industry.

I now have available to me the email contact information which I need to be able to make email contact with almost three thousand companies and renewable energy information sources around the World which have indicated by their web presence that they are interested and involved in the solar PV. energy industry. We now have in place a website and a web conferencing facility which will allow anyone who wishes to do so to make an appropriate contribution either to the online discussion group which is available 24/7 on the website itself or to participate in a web conference which will be available for four hours a day from 14:00 to 18:00 every afternoon of every working weekday of the year.

This web conference will be hosted by myself in person at that time and for that purpose. There should also be podcast facilities available on my website and within the web conferencing facility which will draw the attention of all attendees to matters concerning the development and deployment of solar PV. utilities as required. For example, there has been an interesting project suggested which would involve using a satellite in geostationary orbit with the Planet Earth to collect photovoltaic radiation from the Sun, convert it into electrical power by any means possible and then to make this source of clean energy available to anyone who needs to use it on the surface of the Planet Earth.

The initial stages of this exercise will involve sending emails to each and every solar PV. company which is listed in my files at a rate which will have to remain sustainable. I intend to email between thirty and fifty companies every day of every working day of the year (250 days). The email will draw attention to the existence of my website discussion groups and podcasts available thereon. The email will also include an invitation to the recipient to attend a web conference at any time between 14:00 and 18:00 GMT. on the same day or between those two times on any afternoon of any working day of the year. These emails will be sent out en bloc by midday of each working day. This should allow any interested party enough time to join the web conference available at 14:00 GMT. or at any time in the four hours thereafter until 18:00 GMT. Anyone who cannot attend the web conference between those two times but who would like to attend a web conference at a later stage will be able to communicate with me by means of the contact page on my website by email, by text messaging on my mobile telephone, via Facebook, by one-on-one contact by the Google Talk facility which is available on my website or simply by telephoning me on my landline or my mobile telephone. I also have the social networking facility Twitter available to me online for anyone who needs to contact me using that facility. Skype will also be an option when it becomes available. It will also be possible to send me a fax. on my London landline number. [0207 460 7881].

There should be no reason why anyone who receives an email invitation from me will not be able freely to communicate with me personally one-on-one at any time of the day or night on literally any day or night of the year.

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